Something different! Differing from others!

We've got something that makes Black Care stand out from the crowd - determination. We are striving to create perfect machines of an individual form. Leading technology and reliability are our fundamental values. Being better than average.

We don't like astonishing "bubble" forms because they disturb the eye, soul and inner peace. Instead we opt for more refined design.

No place for traditional way of thinking.

Quality steel body, which will not turn yellow and crack due to UV-light like plastic. We create highest standard machines. We have introduced a new line on the market of solarium machines, with a huge market penetration for the Black Care brand, one of the most recognized brands of our region.

We have presented a unique combination of strength, refinement and intelligence, creating thereby a new category on the market of solariums. Having got familiarised with the concept of Black Care you too will interpret differently terms like luxury, quality, reliability and the world of simplified forms.

Try Black Care Experience solarium, experience its accurate operation!

Enjoy the caressing and healthy bronzing skin care of a high-tech solarium, the SPA experience!