SPA concept

We help you by giving a concept for opening a solarium studio, an image, an operational, design, marketing, computer control concept, a time-honoured and well operating system. Black Care offers you not only a solarium machine, but a global concept, and help you having a new way of thinking.

For business purposes only the operation of 160W rapid bronzing machines are economical.

The most important machine of a solarium parlour will always be a 160W rapid bronzing horizontal solarium (Magnum Exclusive), this will serve the broadest clientele, and of course this will generate the highest profits.

The standing solarium is a complementary piece, usually it is operated in each case (unless there is no place for it) besides the 160W horizontal rapid bronzing solarium.

The use of solarium became a way of life and it does not bronze only, but
- promotes the production of Vitamin D and calcium in the organism
- increases the resistance of organism
- puts an end to the effects of stress, you can rest after your labours
- has a favourable effect on the mood
- provides a nice, healthy and tended skin
- secures fitness
- is recommended by dermatologists for various skin problems.