SPA concept

Use it gradually and carefully, adapted to your skin type. Today each guest focuses on health and safety. Thus you can gain their confidence.

Black Care Experience is a solarium package brought to maximum perfection, created for satisfying highest demands with the most possible accessories. (A 160W upper part with special performance and a 100W lower part with intense performance.)

Black Care Experience is the strongest solarium, but will not burn.

Solarium programme

Nowadays our users hunt for solarium parlours provided with high-performance machines.

In our hurrying world guests wish to reach the brownest and nicest possible flesh colour within the least possible time, therefore you have to serve them with machines which reduce the bronzing time to 6 to 12 minutes, from the 20 to 30 minutes usual in case of old low-performance machines.

For us, providers this allows more favourable conditions too since we can receive, in 1 hour of operation, even 8 to 10 guests, instead of 2 to 3 persons. Thus we can secure a better exploitation with less waiting time, and between two tube exchanges we can receive approximately 2 to 3 times more guests with 2 to 3 times higher profits.